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Thanksgiving Dinner 100 Years Ago – Restaurant Menus for 1914 Dining on Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Menu for the YWCA Cafeteria dinner circa 1914

Thanksgiving 2014 is today – oh yum! Here are a few retro menus that were printed in newspapers in 1914, advertising Thanksgiving dinners being served in local restaurants of the… Read more >

Kitschy Holiday Fun – Sausage Patties in Acorn Squash, Halloween Recipe from the 1940s

1946 Halloween Fun Recipe to Make JackOLantern Faces

    A main dish to “delight the kiddies”, create Jack O’Lantern faces out of food! This retro recipe was published in the¬†newspaper in October 1946. Sausage Patties in Acorn… Read more >

Retro Ugly Food – Twin Angel Cake-Pies 1950s Era Photo

angel food cakes retro food photography 1950s

  Hideous food styling showcasing a pair of decorated Angel Food Cakes circa 1958. Food photography seemed to have an¬†entirely different meaning back in the mid-20th century (or is it… Read more >