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Cooking Contests of Yesteryear – Early Years, History of Competitions for Home Cooks

Prize Chafing Dish recipe contest for home cooks circa 1899

Cooking and recipe contests have been going on for many years, origins dating back into the 1800s and probably earlier. In October 1873, a novel idea was introduced at a… Read more >

Thanksgiving Dinner 100 Years Ago – Restaurant Menus for 1914 Dining on Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Menu for the YWCA Cafeteria dinner circa 1914

Thanksgiving 2014 is today – oh yum! Here are a few retro menus that were printed in newspapers in 1914, advertising Thanksgiving dinners being served in local restaurants of the… Read more >

Kitschy Holiday Fun – Sausage Patties in Acorn Squash, Halloween Recipe from the 1940s

1946 Halloween Fun Recipe to Make JackOLantern Faces

    A main dish to “delight the kiddies”, create Jack O’Lantern faces out of food! This retro recipe was published in the newspaper in October 1946. Sausage Patties in Acorn… Read more >

Retro Ugly Food – Twin Angel Cake-Pies 1950s Era Photo

angel food cakes retro food photography 1950s

  Hideous food styling showcasing a pair of decorated Angel Food Cakes circa 1958. Food photography seemed to have an entirely different meaning back in the mid-20th century (or is it… Read more >